2013 – 2020

Just a Couple of Videos I Made

I’m not a professional motion graphics designer, but I really enjoy working with time-based media. This knowledge also gives me the underlying skills for building animations on the web.

Some animations I made for Formable:

Here’s the animation I did for Find Better Questions. It’s done in After Effects and thus embeddable with Lottie as an svg 💫

In school, I created some pretty random things, like


These animations aren’t special, but I had great fun building the whole project. The task was to create content for a screen that would play in the school’s foyer. Since creating hundreds of animations would have been too much work, I created software to automate the task. A Google Form would pick up a video’s content, and a server could make use of the After Effects script I wrote, to render new videos on the push of a button. The TOP 3 logo was done by Paul Mairböck.

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