Duolingo Chrome Extension

2016 – 2017

Hacking Duolingo to Make Language Learning Easier

Duolingo is a website where you can learn a language for free. For 1+ year, I used the site pretty much every day to learn Norwegian (I chose Norwegian just for fun). Duolingo gives you the option to strengthen weak skills. I wasn’t happy with how that feature worked, so I created Duolingo Strengthen Skills Pro.

The widget
The widget would also show you how much work is still left

The Chrome Extension I created gives you more options on which skills to strengthen (e.g. only your weakest skills), so you can do the lessons with the most impact.

The widget uses Duolingo’s styles
The widget uses Duolingo’s styles

I personally don’t use it anymore, and since Duolingo updates its site from time to time, it doesn’t even work any longer.

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