Comparing Ratios

This one is also a very early project of mine. Just like the canvas experiments, it has something to do with Fibonacci.

isthisgoldenratio.com lets people check how ratios which they find in their surroundings compare to the golden ratio.

The project allowed me to leverage something that wasn’t new to me: Mathematics. Thus drawing the Fibonacci spiral with custom numbers wasn’t too much of a challenge. It was also possible to draw it with a vanilla HTML canvas.

isthisgoldenratio Screenshot

The second project of the series, whatsmyfavouriteratio.com, allows people to choose a rectangle with a certain aspect ratio. The site then shows what ratio has been chosen, and the distribution of ratios other people preferred. These stats are drawn with a third party library.

To store the votes, I used PHP and an SQL database. I later updated the back end to use Firebase. whatsmyfavouriteratio Screenshot

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