A (concept) App to Track Your Meetings

How do you imagine the future?, was the topic of the Ars Electronica U19 2016 competition. Timo, Noel, and I teemed up to create a video for the concept of a meeting-tracking app.

Meetings are often frustratingly inefficient. People know that, yet still they struggle to have better ones.
The idea behind the app is that it would listen to your meetings to make them more efficient. It does so by visualizing who’s speaking, and thus reducing social loafing and removing any self serving bias.

We started working on ideas for the competition months ahead, but only settled on the idea of teem a week before it was due. We instantly knew that we’d present the app with a video. While I focused on the video’s content, Timo set off coding. After failing to create a working prototype, he created a prototype that could be controlled by a remote control I created.

The project was awarded an “Honorary Mention”.

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