Simple Bidding Platform

typic.bid is a very simple bidding platform I once created.

When you want to auction something off between friends, using a platform like eBay or Craigslist is a little overkill. So I created a platform where you can add an item, share its link, and people can bid on it. The platform doesn’t do anything else. The rest, like the payment, is handled by yourself.

The bug you can see in the video has now been resolved ✨

This demo video was part of “Spindst Du?”, a graduation exhibition my class did.

The app is built with Meteor and a mongoDB back end. The biggest challenge was the signup process, since you can create an auction before you sign up, but it only goes live after you do so. This meant creating some kind of user locally and then updating auctions once the signup email is confirmed.

Coincidentally, Facebook launched their marketplace, which also tries to make it easier to sell to friends, while I was developing typic.bid.

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